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Edison NJ Carpenters

Edison NJ Carpenters – We are able to perform all of our own carpentry work thanks to an in-house staff of expert Edison NJ Carpenters. Having our team present on each job enables us to oversee our projects on a personal level. In this way, our tradition of quality and performance continues through the years.

We have achieved a strong reputation in both the public and private sectors for our success at providing high quality results that meet both budget and timeline. Our dedicated focus on project management allows us to meet our clients’ expectations again and again.

DeFazio Construction, LLC, Central NJ construction company is your solution to any construction need!
The Company was founded in 1994 by Michael R. DeFazio and continues a family tradition of providing quality construction services for over the past 30 years. We are headquartered in Central New Jersey and service customers across the entire state